Trade Show Trends of 2018

Trade shows are an invaluable way to connect with existing customers, industry peers, and potential clients, all in a fun and lively atmosphere. However, businesses can find themselves getting lost in the crowd if their trade show exhibits don’t make the cut. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating these trade show trends.

Give Attendees a Place to Sit

A table and chairs of a trade show exhibit

Many convention centers have huge amounts of floor space able to accommodate hundreds of trade show exhibits. Attendees spending all day going from booth to booth will be glad for a place to sit down and rest. Provide comfortable couches to get attendees to stop for an extended period at your booth. Be sure to provide reading material, interactive displays, or some other product information to capitalize on the resting audience.

Embrace Technology

Tech has been vital to trade show exhibits for some time now, and it’s not going away any time soon. Explore immersive brand messaging with LED displays, interactive touch-screen solutions, and even digital wristbands that track booth check-ins. All are part of the new standard; smart businesses know to adapt and incorporate high-tech or get left in the dust.

Provide Charging Stations

Another great way to ensure attendees stick around for a while is to give them something everyone needs. A station for people to charge their devices will ensure that convention-goers stay longer. Train brand ambassadors to utilize this time to engage with potential customers.

Keep It Open and Light

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their trade show exhibits is buying into the idea that more is always better. Overloading a booth with walls, displays, screens, and graphics makes it hard to navigate and potentially uninviting. Go with a minimalist design that emphasizes a single message, graphic, or concept and allows for an easy flow of foot traffic.

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