Trade Show Tips

CX Exhibits has been in the Trade Show business for many years. Each Trade Show is a new experience for us providing new ideas in design, graphics AND Trade Show behavior! We’ve seen it all and we’d like to share with you some of the thoughts and ideas we continue to learn and that we have found to be vital in the success of Trade Show exhibiting – we hope you will find the following information helpful!

Remember, we are here for you!  Our job is to provide you with an excellent exhibit AND do everything we can to guide you through the maze of Trade Show rules, regulations, planning and Trade Show behavior. Our suggestion is that you read through the following, taking the best and leaving the rest depending on your level of experience in the Trade Show exhibit business.

The Very Basics of Trade Show Appearance & Behavior

A group of professionally dressed people representing the types of customers of CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA

A. Dress appropriately for your profession.
B. Theme shirts with company logos work well for many different events.
Golf shirts for men and women in company colors are often the solution to Trade Show dress – they also help build the brand by using the company colors as well as displaying the logos clearly on the  shirts.

People shaking hands showing the sales opportunities with CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA
Sales Techniques

A. Your Guest – a visitor to your booth is your ‘guest’ and should be treated accordingly.
B. Introduction – look as though you are happy to be there, make eye contact and ask open- ended questions.
C. Qualify – before telling a prospect anything, make sure you know who they are and why they are in your booth.
D. Presentation – demonstrate when ever possible. After qualifying, make it short. Leave them wanting more.
E. Close – closing is the moment you take the action to complete your objective.
F. Follow-up – carry out any promises you may have made during the presentation.

A woman holding up a sign that says 'I Won' representing a raffle put on by CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA
Contests and Prize Drawings

Be creative – develop ‘draws’ and other ‘exercises’ so that customers engage with your company and, at the very least, provide their business card for follow up.

A checkbox representing a lead form recommended by CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA
Lead Sheets

A must for tracking leads – format lead sheet to ensure that you capture the questions you want answered.


Trade show 'Do's' that are recommended by CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA

  • Know Your product or service
  • Know Your prospects’ needs
  • Relate Your product to their needs
  • Know Your Competition
  • Be well groomed
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable without looking as if you’re ready for a game of tennis or a walk on the farm!
  • Be excited and enthusiastic
  • Smile!“Act as if!” Before a Trade Show representative enters the show floor have them act as if they are on stage – have them check their ‘attitude’ at the door … today they are the best Trade Show representative your company has ever had!  You may want to consider an incentive for your Trade Show reps – could be as simple as a ‘wall of fame’ back at the office; people love having photo recognition; create a poster with headshot, name and number of clients they talked to and received accurate information from … free pizza for six!  Baloon tied to their chair with a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop!
  • Work with ALL prospects, even those not from your territory
  • Be ready to talk and demonstrate
  • Be honest
  • Know the technical sessions offered at the show
  • Know the show
  • Keep the booth neat, clean and attractive – vacuum when necessary.
  • Know your way around the booth
  • Be nice to “lookers”
  • Be able to talk cost/investment
  • Be aware of negative body language

Don'ts' that should be avoided at trade shows as recommended by CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA

  • Stand with arms crossed!
  • Have bad breath
  • Eat, Drink, or Smoke
  • Sit
  • Read
  • Chat with other salespeople in the booth
  • Wander away
  • Ignore a prospect
  • Be rude
  • Be overly aggressive
  • Tire yourself out the night before
  • Underestimate your visitors