Tips to Go Green at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows present attendees with excellent networking opportunities as well as a chance to check out what others in the field are contributing to the market. Because of the need to grab convention attention, many companies or organizations go all-out on their booths and promotional materials. Despite how it may seem, it is possible to do this in an environmentally friendly way. Consider the following when planning a sustainable trade show.

Find an Eco-friendly Booth

Several women sitting in a business convention room setting

Building materials that can be recycled or reused are the first consideration for creating a “green” booth. Ask about having a reusable exhibit rental. Also, consider the lighting and how it could be modified to use less energy.

Give Reusable or Digital Promos

Any convention attendee can attest that by the end of the day, they have bags worth of info and swag. How can a company stand out amidst it all without creating waste? Consider reusable giveaways like mugs and travel bags, which attendees can enjoy more than once. Promos made of recycled materials also help reduce waste. Alternatively, instead of trinkets or promos, offer digital coupons or other relevant digital promotional giveaway.

Travel Light

One environmental cost of conventions is the carbon emissions caused by traveling and shipping. Prioritize using local suppliers for giveaways and try to find direct flights to the convention city. Attendees can also carpool from the hotel to the convention center rather than taking separate cabs to reduce their impact.

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