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Trade Shows, Conferences, and Conventions: What’s the Difference?

several people walking up and down a large staircase

“Convention” or “conference”? “Trade show” or “convention”? It’s easy to mix up these terms; all refer to large gatherings of people with common interests. But the three are different in purpose, content, and vibe. This guide illuminates the distinction. What is a Convention? At a convention, people gather to engage in a common interest in… Read more »

First Time As a Trade Show Exhibitor? Follow These Tips

Many exhibitors see their first trade show as a “practice run.” In reality, there’s no reason why a first trade show can’t be just as successful as a fiftieth! To make the most of every trade show get started with these simple tips. Set Clear Goals It’s impossible to consider a trade show successful without… Read more »

Three Elements of a Winning Trade Show Exhibit

A professional looking trade show exhibit made by CX Exhibits

Exhibiting at a trade show, convention, or other high-profile event is an incredible marketing opportunity, but only when the exhibit is done right. Learn what it takes to draw people in and maximize the chances of finding new customers. 1. Create Appeal Trade show exhibits that are pleasing to the eye with inviting colors, images,… Read more »

Five Tips for Working the Floor at a Trade Show

People perusing different booths at a trade show designed by CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA

Face-to-face access to many potential new customers and partners is one of the many reasons why renting a booth at a trade show is great for business. But the work doesn’t stop once the exhibit is set up and the crowds are passing through. Here are five ways to successfully work the floor, stand out,… Read more »

3 Benefits of Using Video in a Trade Show Booth Design

When preparing to advertise products or services at a trade show, companies often look for something that will catch a customer’s eye and make them want to learn more. This isn’t always easy to accomplish. According to the research firm ComScore, over 200 million people in the U.S. watch online videos, confirming that this format… Read more »