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Tackle Last-Minute Trade Show Emergencies With These Key Items

There are certain items every presenter brings to a trade show: signage, business cards, and promotional items. Sometimes, exhibitors experience unexpected problems. Seasoned trade show presenters know to bring these additional items to be prepared for whatever comes their way. Extra Electronics Many trade show exhibits rely on electronic displays, which require cables and batteries…. Read more »

What Kind of Lighting Should I Use for My Trade Show Booth?

Making the right first impression with your trade show exhibit rental and design is a must. It’s helpful to make sure every element of your exhibit design stays on trend—but one feature people often overlook is the lighting. Here’s how to crack the code of which kind of lighting should be used at a trade… Read more »

How to Make the Right First Impression at Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to showcase and demonstrate products, make connections with new partners, and interact with customers. Because they can be so impactful, making a good first impression is vital for success. Make a Visual First Impression It’s true that appearance isn’t everything, but sometimes visuals and booth design can determine whether… Read more »

How to Impress With a Limited Trade Show Budget

Trade shows are a great way to touch base with existing clients, make connections with future clients, and establish brand recognition. However, they can also be expensive. Between airfare, hotel rooms, exhibitor fees, and a number of other necessary items, the costs can add up. Trade shows are still worth the effort, but lowering expenses… Read more »

Following up on Leads After a Trade Show

With the right combination of charisma, enthusiasm, and eye-catching trade show exhibit rentals, a business representative can turn a trade show or conference into a goldmine of new connections. However, even the hottest leads aren’t worth much if they don’t translate into actual business. Connecting with potential clients at a trade show is only the… Read more »

How to Find & Work With the Right Brand Promoters

How can brand promoters help with trade show success? Learn more about where to find brand promoters and how to work with them for maximum benefits. Create Partnerships A partnership is a win-win for both sides. Each party contributes something valuable to the relationship, and a loyal community can be far more valuable than a… Read more »

Choose the Right Trade Show for Your Business Goals

A striking branded trade show exhibit designed by CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA

A trade show can be an essential venue for getting a message out to potential clients and customers. However, not all shows are created equally. Some very popular shows may not be the right place to promote one’s business. On the other hand, some lesser known venues may draw the right audiences if your particular… Read more »