How to Take Your Trade Show Booth on the Road

One of the most important benefits of attending a trade show is getting exposure. Taking a booth on the road can be a great way to maximize this exposure, and it doesn’t have to be a hassle when following these steps.

Do the Research
Before even packing up a trade show exhibit rental, it’s crucial to familiarize with the shipping information and requirements specific to each show. Every show will have its own set of instructions and designated times for shipping booth displays and other materials, so neglecting this research could result in a costly mix-up.

Track the Delivery
For just a few extra dollars, any major shipping service will allow customers to track their package—and in this case, those few dollars can earn vital peace of mind. Tracking will allow exhibitors to see when packages are dropped off and who signed for them upon delivery. This way if there is an issue, it’s easy to see who needs to be contacted to get the materials quickly.

Don’t Over Pack
Any experienced trade show presenter can offer trade show tips for the essentials of a good exhibit, such as giveaways and samples, product prototypes, and lighting and displays. Only pack these essentials for the booth and leave behind anything that could incur damage while shipping. Don’t try to minimize shipping equipment by packing too many items in one box, for they are more likely to damage when cluttered. For pricey or one-of-a-kind materials that must be packed, it’s worth investing in padding and bubble wrap to ensure these materials arrive in one piece.

Plan Outbound Shipping in Advance
A successful trade show can be tiring. To prevent the team from scrambling to arrange outbound shipping at the last minute, prepare as much of it in advance as possible. Most trade shows distribute instructions for packing booths up, so be sure to review these before the time comes. Finally, save some extra room to take home any materials received during the show itself.

Taking a trade show on the road can offer major payoffs, as long as you prepare correctly. For more information about trade show exhibit rentals, contact CX Exhibits at (504) 464-4070 today for a free quote!