How to Plan Next Year’s Trade Show Today

Trade shows give businesses opportunities to showcase new products and services and to meet with new clients and partners. Planning a trade show exhibit early—even up to a year in advance—gives businesses more time to organize, set specific objectives, and develop a winning strategy. Here are a few tips for planning next year’s trade show today.

Develop Strategies and Goals Early

Yearly planner next to a gold pen

It’s important to start setting specific goals and strategies for the next trade show as early as possible. By starting early, businesses have time to finalize spending budgets, set product sale and lead generation goals, and decide how the show will play a role in the business’s overall marketing program for a specific product or season. If possible, a business can also determine in advance exactly which new products and services should be part of its main message at the upcoming show.

Order Materials and Book an Exhibit Space

As soon as the overall strategy and look of the trade show exhibit has been determined, it’s time to start ordering materials. These include anything from giveaways and promotional items to large displays and exhibit design elements. Those attending should find out when the show will start accepting registration forms and space reservations, as getting in early is the best way to secure the best space.

Don’t Forget Logistical Details

As the date of the trade show approaches, there are a few last-minute logistical arrangements that should be made to ensure a smooth, successful show. Putting together a team as soon as possible ensures that travel arrangements can be made months in advance. Businesses should also establish a day-of timeline to share with all workers and update it accordingly. This can help ensure there are no surprises during set up, the event itself, and break down.

If you’re ready to start planning your next trade show experience, our team at CX Exhibits can help. We offer a full range of trade show services, from booth rentals and designs, to support staff and custom products. To learn more, give us a call today at (504) 464-4070.