Glossary of Trade Show Terminology

General Terms

1) EAC – Exhibitor Appointed Contractor; a third party contractor performing installation, dismantling, booth design, and similar services. CX Exhibits is an EAC.
2) Exhibit Manager – Person in charge of an individual exhibit booth. CX Exhibits provides Exhibit managers for booths.
3) Display Builder – company that designs and builds displays. CX Exhibits is a Display Builder.
4) General Contractor – Company that provides all services to exhibition management and exhibitors: i.e. Freeman and GES.
5) Decorator – General Contractor or Service Contractor.
6) Floor Manager – person retained by show management to supervise exhibit area and assist exhibitors.

Exhibit Terms

7) Rental Booth – Complete booth package offered to exhibitors on a rental basis.
8) Turn Key Booth – A pre-packed linear booth consisting of standard furniture, sign and carpet.
9) Island Booth – an exhibit space with aisles on all four sides.
10) Linear Booth – any booth that shares a common back wall with other exhibits on one or two sides.
11) Peninsula Booth – Exhibit space with aisles on three sides.
12) Perimeter Booth – Exhibit space located on an outside wall.
13) Pipe and Drape – tubing with drapes which separate exhibit booths.
14) Modular Exhibit – Exhibit constructed with interchangeable components.
15) Kiosk – Free standing pavilion or light structure.
16) Backwall – panels arranged into a wall formation at the back of the booth area.
17) Side Rail – low divider wall in exhibit area.
18) Skirting – Decorative covering around tables and risers.
19) Light Box – Enclosure with lighting and translucent face of plastic or glass.
20) Rear Lit – method of lighting transparency from behind registration – process by which an individual indicates their intent to attend a trade show.
21) Scrim – light weight, loosely woven covering or cloth used for decorative purposes.
22) Truss – a collection of structural beams that form a rigid framework.
23) Space Assignment – Booth space assigned to exhibiting companies.
24) Booth Number – Event designated number used to identify exhibitor’s space.

Show Service Terms

25) Advance Order – Order for show services sent to the contractor prior to the discount deadline date.
26) Exhibitor Service Center – A centralized area where representatives of various show services can be contracted or located.
27) Aisle Carpet – Carpet in the aisles between booths. The show will lay the aisle carpet and determine the colors.
28) Audiovisual(AV) – Equipment, materials, and teaching aids used in sounds and visual.

Labor Terms

29) I&D – Installation and Dismantle of the exhibit.
30) Leadman – CX representative supervising a showfloor crew.
31) Move-In – date set for the installation of booths/process of setting up exhibits.
32) Move-Out – date set for the dismantle of booths/process of dismantling exhibits.
33) Target Date – Move-in date assigned to exhibitors.
34) Off-Target – Move in date that is before or after the officially assigned target date.
35) O.T. Labor – Showfloor work that is performed on overtime. Work before 8 am and after 5 pm Monday through Friday, and all hours Saturday and Sunday and holidays.
36) Electrical Contractor – Company contracted by show management to provide electrical services to the exhibitors.


37) Special Handling – applies to display and/or product shipment requiring extra labor, equipment or time in delivery to booth area.
38) Drayage/Material Handling – The unloading of a shipment, transporting to the booth space, storing and returning empty crates and cartons and reloading shipment at the close of the show.
39) CWT – Hundred weight. Weight measurement for exhibit freight. Usually 100 pounds.
40) Bill of Lading – Document or form listing goods to be shipped.
41) Advance Warehouse – Shipments that have been sent to be stored in the show contractor’s warehouse up to 30 days prior to move-in.
42) Target Freight Floorplan – Color – coded floor plan indicating freight delivery for individual booths.
43) Marshaling Yard – Check in area for trucks delivering exhibit materials.
44) Teamster – Union member that handles all material in and out of the hall for all non-electrical functions.
45) Pallet – Wooden platform used to carry goods.
46) Shrink-Wrap – process of wrapping loose items on a pallet with transparent plastic wrapping.