First Time As a Trade Show Exhibitor? Follow These Tips

Many exhibitors see their first trade show as a “practice run.” In reality, there’s no reason why a first trade show can’t be just as successful as a fiftieth! To make the most of every trade show get started with these simple tips.

Set Clear Goals

A person making a checklist in a notebook

It’s impossible to consider a trade show successful without first setting clear parameters for success. Before planning begins, determine what goals are the top priority. Is the aim to launch a new product or to expand the reach of an existing product? Is there a desire to create a new customer base, or perhaps to get feedback from previous customers? Write these goals down and, when possible, keep them within the SMART Goals parameters: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Register Early and Create a Schedule

Many exhibition spaces offer lower prices for those who register early, which could allow for bigger budgets in other areas. However, this isn’t the only benefit of registering for a trade show early. Early registration creates more time for planning things such as booth designs and staffing the show, and it can even provide time to arrange sponsorships. It also allows exhibitors to create a detailed schedule of benchmarks leading up to the exhibit.

Create a Budget

A successful trade show is one that creates additional exposure, interest, and engagement for a product or service—and eventually leads to more profit. But profit becomes more difficult when the trade show itself drains significant funds! Dodge this problem by creating a strict budget and providing ample time to research the most affordable options for exhibits, including booth rentals and sponsorships.

Use Giveaways to Remain Memorable

The success of a trade show isn’t measured only by the day itself, but by the long-term results. Use the money saved in previous steps to fund simple giveaways such as branded pens, bags, stress balls, or even snacks. This way, whenever attendees use the giveaway, they will be reminded of the services or products displayed at the trade show. Remember to include a booth number in pamphlets or other paper giveaways so that attendees can easily locate a booth or provide its location to their peers.

When it comes to the success of a trade show, organization, planning, and the right materials are key. If you’re interested in affordable and custom-made trade show booth rentals to save money for other materials, contact CX Exhibits at (504) 464-4070 today for a free quote!