Trade Show Exhibit Services

CX is a ‘turn-key’ operation, and we are all about exceptional service. A call to CX Exhibits partners you with your own Trade Show Representative and a Sales Executive to guide you through the process of selecting and designing your unique booth. Once the design has been approved and all of the necessary paperwork has been completed, the booth is built in our warehouse to ensure quality and accuracy. From there, it is shipped to your trade show destination and installed. A CX Trade Show Representative will meet you to ensure that the booth meets your expectations, as well as to make any adjustments that are needed at that time.

Once the show is over, your job at the trade show is, too. The CX team takes over. They will then dismantle the booth, crate it, and return it to the CX warehouse.

The Steps of Renting a Booth

You may already know the size and design of the exhibit booth rental of your choice. If that is the case, then you will move on to next-step decisions like accessories and pricing. If you don’t know the size and design that you prefer, then your Sales Executive will explore the various possibilities with you. Most popular sizes and layouts are 20’ x 20′, 10′ x 10,’ and Island, although we are well known for our custom designs.

Once these preliminary decisions have been worked out, we will then begin discussing accessories. This includes tables, chairs, shelving, and monitors, as well as different types of flooring, lighting, and graphics. These aesthetics are some of the most significant features with regards to an effective booth and a successful trade show, and we want them to be exactly as you envision, so we work with you to come up with personalized plans and details. Our process ensures your satisfaction.

Bringing Your Booth Vision to Life

Our CX Designer will go to work to bring your design to life. The first step is to get all of the paperwork and initial planning out of the way. An invoice that includes all of the necessary documents will be sent to you for your approval and signature. Once approved, our coordinator goes into action to ensure that all graphics are ordered, the insurance certificate is in place, electrical layouts are completed, and shipping and freight are promptly ordered to meet necessary deadlines.

With all approvals agreed upon, our builders go to work to build your booth in their warehouse, which helps ensure quality and accuracy. Next, the booth is dismantled, crated, and shipped to your trade show location where our Trade Show Representative and his team will build your booth, place the graphics, and arrange the accessories as per your unique and personalized design.

What to Know When It’s Show Time

At this stage, your Trade Show Representative is now ready to welcome you to your exhibit booth stage and work with you on any last-minute adjustments. Once finalized, you are ready to welcome your guests.

After the Show

Simply take the items that you and your team have brought to the show, and then we will do the rest, which includes dismantling, crating, and shipping your booth rental back to the CX warehouse. This is one of the many benefits of renting a booth instead of buying your own. CX Exhibits actually installs and dismantles your booth rental at no additional charge. Storage is also included, as well as freight to and from the show and the coordination of all outbound and inbound shipping, which results in tremendous savings for you in both cost and stress.

On average, renting is three times less expensive than purchasing a booth. This means that with the decision to rent, you can then use your budget for important elements such as graphics and messaging. These are the components of a successful exhibit booth rental that will measurably increase your market appeal. Renting also ensures you will have a booth that matches the image of your growing and evolving organization. If you wish to expand or alter your booth over the years, it is much easier to do so when you are renting. If you own a booth and wish to expand, the cost will be much greater, as will the work involved. Along with that, renting provides you with the opportunity to test a booth out before you invest in it. This may serve as a great learning tool, helping you discover what you like and what you don’t without unnecessarily wasting funds.

Why Do Clients Continue to Choose CX Exhibits?

Clients continue to return to CX Exhibits for their trade show booth needs for many reasons, and it shows in our testimonials. Clients continuously rave over the friendly customer service and unbeatable prices, as well as the reliability, flexibility, and professionalism of our services. At CX Exhibits, we care about your trade show success. Call us to get started on your trade show exhibit booth rental today!

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