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Survival Guide for the Trade Show Circuit in Las Vegas

“A fortune’s won and lost on every deal, all you need is a strong heart and a nerve of steel, Viva Las Vegas!” said the King of Rock n’ Roll. While Elvis wasn’t specifically referring to the trade show circuit, he could have been. Trade shows are big business in Las Vegas, and companies that… Read more »

Trade Show Trends of 2018

Trade shows are an invaluable way to connect with existing customers, industry peers, and potential clients, all in a fun and lively atmosphere. However, businesses can find themselves getting lost in the crowd if their trade show exhibits don’t make the cut. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating these trade show trends. Give Attendees… Read more »

How to Impress With a Limited Trade Show Budget

Trade shows are a great way to touch base with existing clients, make connections with future clients, and establish brand recognition. However, they can also be expensive. Between airfare, hotel rooms, exhibitor fees, and a number of other necessary items, the costs can add up. Trade shows are still worth the effort, but lowering expenses… Read more »

Following up on Leads After a Trade Show

With the right combination of charisma, enthusiasm, and eye-catching trade show exhibit rentals, a business representative can turn a trade show or conference into a goldmine of new connections. However, even the hottest leads aren’t worth much if they don’t translate into actual business. Connecting with potential clients at a trade show is only the… Read more »

What’s In Your Swag Bag?

Trade shows are a great way for companies to generate leads and connect with potential clients, but it’s important to stand out from the competition. One way companies can do that is by giving away promotional items at their trade show exhibit booth, and the key is to use the right swag to ensure that… Read more »

How to Find & Work With the Right Brand Promoters

How can brand promoters help with trade show success? Learn more about where to find brand promoters and how to work with them for maximum benefits. Create Partnerships A partnership is a win-win for both sides. Each party contributes something valuable to the relationship, and a loyal community can be far more valuable than a… Read more »

Choose the Right Trade Show for Your Business Goals

A 20x20 A/V exhibit rental for Conrad Shipyard designed by CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA

A trade show can be an essential venue for getting a message out to potential clients and customers. However, not all shows are created equally. Some very popular shows may not be the right place to promote one’s business. On the other hand, some lesser known venues may draw the right audiences if your particular… Read more »

The Right Attire for a Trade Show Exhibit Presenter

A group of trade show presenters being dressed properly

Trade shows offer companies an opportunity to present information directly to the public, introducing prospective customers to new products or services. The successful trade show exhibit presenter will not only convey a visually compelling display but also dress as a winning team member. Here are some tips for what to wear on the trade show… Read more »