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Tips for Navigating Trade Show Season

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Over the course of their careers, most professionals will be asked to attend or present at several industry conferences. Conferences and trade shows are great opportunities to network, learn about other businesses, and gain new perspectives; but they can also be stressful. Here are a few tips for successfully navigating the trade show season. Focusing… Read more »

How to Create Stunning Displays for Trade Shows in the Food and Beverage Industry

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Food & Beverage (F&B) trade shows are fantastic opportunities for caterers, specialty food purveyors, restaurateurs, and industry suppliers to showcase their brands. However, like other trade shows, F&B events attract lots of competition and appeal to an array of audiences. The key to success at these conferences is the presentation of one’s display. To stand… Read more »

Boost Your B2B Event Marketing Strategy With These Tips

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For hosts and participants at B2B events, the ROI on collateral expenses (e.g., exhibit rentals, fees, giveaways, overtime) matters to the bottom line. How can organizations maximize the benefits they reap from trade shows? By boosting their B2B event marketing strategies, both hosts and participants can get more holistic value from the experience. Pre-plan For… Read more »

How to Hire an Outside Contractor to Fill the Booth Staffing Gap

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Trade shows are a great way for businesses to interact with potential clients and fellow industry members face-to-face. They allow a company to get their brand out there while measuring itself against the competition. To make the most of the event, participants need an eye-catching exhibit and talented brand ambassadors to work the booth, draw… Read more »

First Time As a Trade Show Exhibitor? Follow These Tips

Many exhibitors see their first trade show as a “practice run.” In reality, there’s no reason why a first trade show can’t be just as successful as a fiftieth! To make the most of every trade show get started with these simple tips. Set Clear Goals It’s impossible to consider a trade show successful without… Read more »

Leading Tech Industry Trade Shows Around the World

With constant changes and developments in the world of technology, there’s no shortage of opportunities to learn. Although 2018 is more than halfway over, there are still a number of top tech industry trade shows that shouldn’t be overlooked. Trade Shows and Exhibits Microsoft Ignite: This year’s event will be held September 24-28 in Orlando,… Read more »

Tackle Last-Minute Trade Show Emergencies With These Key Items

There are certain items every presenter brings to a trade show: signage, business cards, and promotional items. Sometimes, exhibitors experience unexpected problems. Seasoned trade show presenters know to bring these additional items to be prepared for whatever comes their way. Extra Electronics Many trade show exhibits rely on electronic displays, which require cables and batteries…. Read more »

Three Ways to Go Green for Your Next Event

According to the Trade Show News Network, trade shows generate a staggering 600,000 tons of trash annually from their 60 million attendees. It’s impossible to overlook the significant environmental impact of these shows, which is why many have decided to go green in recent years. Here are some simple ways to join the movement. Start… Read more »

Reaching Millennials and Gen-Xers at Your Trade Show Booth

Over the past decade, there’s been a big shift in the workplace: Baby Boomers have begun retiring, and Gen-Xers— previously mid-level employees— are shifting into upper management roles. Millennials, who now make up more than a third of the American workforce, according to the Pew Research Center, are moving into middle management. That means one… Read more »

How to Take Your Trade Show Booth on the Road

One of the most important benefits of attending a trade show is getting exposure. Taking a booth on the road can be a great way to maximize this exposure, and it doesn’t have to be a hassle when following these steps. Do the Research Before even packing up a trade show exhibit rental, it’s crucial… Read more »