Boost Your B2B Event Marketing Strategy With These Tips

For hosts and participants at B2B events, the ROI on collateral expenses (e.g., exhibit rentals, fees, giveaways, overtime) matters to the bottom line. How can organizations maximize the benefits they reap from trade shows? By boosting their B2B event marketing strategies, both hosts and participants can get more holistic value from the experience.

Pre-plan For Success

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It pays to be prepared, as the old saying goes. Organizations should know in advance exactly what they want to gain from event participation, and how to gain visibility with trade show exhibit rentals that stand out from the crowd. A well-informed B2B event marketing strategy can turn the hard work of a dedicated team into sustained multilevel development beyond the show itself, and benefit the company as a whole.

Identify Measurable Goals

Well before the event’s start date, companies should identify the specific, measurable goals they want to achieve, and ensure that all team members are in sync with those objectives. B2B companies usually aim to generate quality top-of-the-funnel leads at trade shows, and companies with clear, prioritized targets in sight can better focus their efforts on reaching them.

Leverage In-house Strengths

Tapping the expertise of staff members for event planning, as opposed to outsourcing those tasks, is a wise long-term event strategy. It involves the “everyday” company in the nuts and bolts of growth initiatives and allows for potentially hidden talents to emerge. Incentivized staff involvement cannot only boost event value and lower production costs, but they can also positively impact corporate culture and deepen team commitment.

Leveraging company creatives to design promotional giveaways, for example, helps maintain a consistent brand voice. Staffing the booth with in-house representatives that focus on event networking connects prospects directly with company contacts. That connection can facilitate the critical follow-up process that can turn leads into business.

Look Sharp

Visibility at trade shows is key to building stronger B2B relationships and promoting brand presence among industry peers. Smart trade show exhibit rentals can exponentially boost any event marketing strategy. Companies can test out display sizes and formats before the show to determine what best matches their budgets and goals. Moreover, renting eliminates additional costs for setup, breakdown, storage, and repair. Event teams can then redirect resources to upgrade graphics or enlarge the booth footprint as objectives change over time.

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