The Right Attire for a Trade Show Exhibit Presenter

Trade shows offer companies an opportunity to present information directly to the public, introducing prospective customers to new products or services. The successful trade show exhibit presenter will not only convey a visually compelling display but also dress as a winning team member. Here are some tips for what to wear on the trade show circuit.

Dress for SuccessA group of trade show presenters being dressed properly

In addition to a professional booth design, it’s important for workers to coordinate their outfits for the event. Generally, there is no need for a strict uniform, but color-coordinated business casual attire conveys the message that a team is working together to represent the company enthusiastically. For example, if everyone wears a blue shirt, it makes it easy for guests to know who is associated with the company and depicts a cohesive theme. In addition to a matching color, employees should plan to wear blazers, slacks, and avoid any attire with logos other than that of the company.

Avoid the Agony of the Feet

Because trade show exhibit employees will be on their feet all day, they should plan to wear comfortable shoes that have been broken in. That being said, don’t go too casual with sneakers or sandals that look unprofessional. Opt for the happy medium with neutral loafers or plain-toe shoes that have cushion insoles.

Plan for the Unexpected

Each trade show may have a different standard of dress, depending on the culture of the event and the host city, so be sure to browse the website and social media to see what other presenters are wearing. Also, don’t forget the little details that go a long way to make the right impression. Avoid strong perfumes or colognes, and dress in layers in case the temperature inside the convention fluctuates.

Seek Professional Guidance

Have an upcoming trade show? CX Exhibits offers expert trade show tips, custom exhibit designs, and on-site help with installation and dismantling. We also provide accessories and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. Call (504) 464-4070 to request a free quote from CX Exhibits today!

Five Tips for Working the Floor at a Trade Show

Face-to-face access to many potential new customers and partners is one of the many reasons why renting a booth at a trade show is great for business. But the work doesn’t stop once the exhibit is set up and the crowds are passing through. Here are five ways to successfully work the floor, stand out, and make a strong first impression.

Be Prepared

People among exhibits at a trade show in Kenner, LA

Just as with any speech or presentation, preparation is one of the biggest keys to success at a trade show. Learning ahead of time who will be attending the event, making a list of prospective targets, and scheduling as many meetings as possible are all ways to get ahead of the game.

Pack Smart

When working the floor, it’s important to dress professionally while also looking friendly and approachable. Also, remember that while having all the necessary materials such as business cards, demo items, and literature is part of packing smart, taking too much along to a trade show can be a burden.

Master the Area

Treat the area around the rented exhibit like a neighborhood. Get to know the other exhibitors nearby, actively engage with passersby, and keep a tidy area to ensure positive first impressions. Avoid letting the booth get messy, eating on the job, or getting distracted by phones or busywork.

Know Who to Target

If proper preparation measures have been taken, it should be a snap identifying the key players at other booths and in the crowd. Remember who the decision-makers are when visiting other exhibits and inviting potential customers and partners to stop by.

Connect Beyond the Show

Social media platforms are perfect for staying in touch with new contacts beyond the trade show. Exchange Twitter handles and connect on LinkedIn, then follow up as soon as possible to engender lasting relationships.

For more trade show tips and information about exhibit rentals, call CX Exhibits at 504-464-4070 to speak with a professional.

3 Benefits of Using Video in a Trade Show Booth Design

When preparing to advertise products or services at a trade show, companies often look for something that will catch a customer’s eye and make them want to learn more. This isn’t always easy to accomplish. According to the research firm ComScore, over 200 million people in the U.S. watch online videos, confirming that this format is an increasingly effective way to engage potential customers. Here are some of the benefits of video.

It Engages Without Intruding

A cusom booth rendered by CX Ehibits in Kenner, LA

Some guests feel reluctant or intimidated to talk to trade show staff because they worry about encountering a high-pressure sales situation. Watching a video that is incorporated into a custom booth design allows the individual to learn more about what is being offered in a non-invasive way. Engaging video content can be the first step in the door for new prospects, warming up leads and getting them to stay longer at the booth.

It Doesn’t Eat Up the Whole Marketing Budget

Contrary to what some may believe, creating video content doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Video content can be reused for multiple platforms and events, making it cost-effective and bringing long-term value. Plus, using a video can stay with people longer than a throwaway promotional item, such as a pen or a magnet. Even videos captured on a smartphone, like customer testimonials or live product demos, can help engage passersby on the trade show floor.

It Connects to Social Media & Online Marketing Efforts

Adding a #hastag or social media handle like @CXEXHIBITS to your trade show videos can connect social media users to the event in real time. Guests at the event will see what others are saying about the business, which can help to build trust and encourage them to find and “like” the business. Social media can also help build long-lasting relationships with leads, making it easier to connect after the show. Following up with potential clients that used your specific #hashtag or handle captures the excitement and energy of the show, fostering relationships with potential clients.

Contact CX Exhibits today to see how easy it is to get started offering video at your next trade show. We offer a full range of exhibit accessories, including AV equipment, kiosks, and iPad stands. We’ll work with you to create a booth design customized to your business, and our service areas include all major convention cities.

What Size Booth Is Right for My Business?

Trade shows are an exciting and engaging way to reach new customers, reconnect with existing ones, and hone a business’ sales craft. There’s no doubt that they are a worthwhile forum for self-promotion. But when it comes to exhibit booth rentals, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all businesses. It’s important for a business to understand the rules of the convention hall, have a firm grasp on their own budget, and keep pace with the competition.

Know the Rules Before You Go

An exhibit for LeBlance created by CXExhibits in Kenner, LA

In most cases, convention halls have standard booth sizes that they’ll allow. Most exhibit booth rentals are 10′ x 10′, but some spaces may offer island or peninsula spaces for booths as large as 20′ x 20′. Booths with raised floors must be ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible. Consult the exhibitor’s manual for venue-specific restrictions and guidelines. To see what different sizes look like, check out booth types available through CX Exhibits.

Budget Smart

Ultimately, a trade show is about making money. While it may be enticing to go for all the bells and whistles, if a company can garner a satisfactory return on their investment with less, then that’s what they should do. Set up a realistic budget that allows for profit by meeting high but achievable goals.

Check the Competition

No business wants to be outdone by their competitors. For a first-time exhibitor, it may be difficult to know what the competition is offering. But if a business consistently notices that their exhibit is underwhelming compared to their competitors, they might want to think about an upgrade.

CX Exhibits is a trade show display company with years of experience helping businesses of all sizes succeed. They can walk you through every decision before the show and even provide support during the event. See more reasons to rent from the professionals at CX Exhibits. Better yet, read what their satisfied clients have to say about the CX Exhibits experience. When you’re ready to get started crushing sales goals, request more information.

Generate Leads at Your Next Trade Show Though Social Media

Trade shows are a tried-and-true way to connect with potential clients, get face time with existing clients, and brush up on the latest trends in an industry. While generations of professionals have worked trade shows, social media marketing is a comparatively new tool. Combining these two strategies can multiply their effectiveness. A good trade show display company can help you combine an exhibit with social media to increase impact.

Before: Take Advantage of LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook

A notebook with sticky notes and writing utensils promoting social networking in Kenner, LA

Before the trade show begins, it’s a good idea to do some social media homework. Connect with industry members on LinkedIn to invite them to attend the trade show and visit your booth. Follow the event’s official hashtag on Twitter and use it to promote the business’ presence at the show. Consider hosting a post-show mixer or other event after the trade show by creating a Facebook event.

During: Promote Satisfied Customers at the Show

While the focus at trade shows is usually on finding new customers, it’s a good idea to connect with people already enthusiastic about a business’ products or services. Ask the most enthusiastic customers to offer short testimonials that can be posted across social media platforms.

After: Follow-Up With Contacts on Social Media

Don’t let all those business cards go to waste! After the show, connect with people on LinkedIn or even Facebook. This way, they’ll become a regular part of the business’ news feed, rather than just another name in a stack of cards. This will grow the business’ social media reach.

CX Exhibits works with clients across the U.S. to provide exhibit booth rentals and offer guidance throughout the entire trade show experience. Request information online or call us at 504-464-4070 today!

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Available Nationwide

CX61020-With-Blue-BorderNothing sells trade show presentations quite like quality exhibit display rentals. At CX Exhibits, we combine the highest quality products with unparalleled service to help make your presentation a home run. We want to partner with you so that potential clients will not soon forget the quality product that was presented to them at that last trade show.

What Exhibit Designs Does CX Exhibits Offer?

We construct a variety of designs to fit your needs. We offer concepts such as a double-decker exhibit, a large peninsula-like display, tabletop island exhibits, and inline display packages. These are just a few of the many display packages that we can create for you at CX Exhibits. You can peruse our many samples or even have a hand in developing your own display concept that we will be happy to create.

How Many Exhibit Sizes Are Available?

At CX Exhibits, we provide displays in standard sizes of 10 feet by 10 feet, 10 feet by 20 feet, and 20 feet by 20 feet. Not only that, but we also can create a custom display size to more perfectly fit your needs. Whatever size you are considering to display your presentation, we recommend consulting with one of our knowledgeable sales staff to come up with the best display possible.

What Types of Exhibits Are There?

We have many display types to choose from including tabletop units, banner stand presentations, and pop up displays among many others. Striving to give you just what you want in an exhibit rental, we also can make a custom exhibit display precisely to your specification if you so choose.

What Trade Show Services Does CX Exhibits Provide?

When you rent one of our display exhibits, the service that comes with this display is unparalleled at CX Exhibits. We provide free shipping to and from the event along with full setup and tear down of your exhibit at no extra charge. Also, our knowledgeable sales staff will help you choose and design the exhibit that is perfect for your presentation.

If you would like more information about CX Exhibits and how we can help you with your trade show presentation needs, please contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Exhibit Rentals Available Throughout the Nation

LUM-2020-Satellite-With-Blue-BorderWhen you want to impress prospective clients with your presentation, CX Exhibits is the one to call. We offer a variety of exhibit rental displays in a wide array of sizes to fit your needs. With a rental display, your costs are significantly sliced, and you spend less time putting together displays. The time you save can be spent on graphics and fine-tuning your message. Our rentals also offer you flexibility from one trade show to the next. If you do not like the appearance of a display, we can have it changed before the actual presentation.

What Display Options and Sizes Are Available For Presentation Use?

At CX Exhibits, we strive to offer the display products that you need and the customer service that cuts your setup time in half. We offer many standard size display rentals including 10 feet by 10 feet, 10 feet by 20 feet, and 20 feet by 20 feet. We also offer displays that are custom sized to specifically fit your presentation needs.

Once you know the size of display rental that you are looking for, the next thing to consider is the configuration of the presentation. We provide many different configurations to find the perfect match for your presentation needs. Some options we offer are tabletop, banner stands, and pop-up displays. Our sales professionals can assist you in finding just the right configuration for your display, even if it means coming up with a custom plan.

Why Choose CX Exhibits?

As a turnkey operation, we are equipped to provide all the Exhibit Services you may require along with your rental. At CX Exhibits, we not only offer you high quality rental displays for your presentation, but we provide you with many services that take much of the heavy lifting out of display preparation. For example, freight shipment to and from the trade show is included in your exhibit rental as well as initial setup and tear down of the presentation display. As we also provide professional Event Services for organizers, we know how to advise participants to make the most of their designated spaces and roles. We also offer professional consultations that will give you valuable insights into whether or not booth rental is right for you, and if it is right, what type of booth you should rent.

For more information on our rentals or how we can help you master your trade show presentation, please contact us here.


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