Trade Show Trends of 2018

Trade shows are an invaluable way to connect with existing customers, industry peers, and potential clients, all in a fun and lively atmosphere. However, businesses can find themselves getting lost in the crowd if their trade show exhibits don’t make the cut. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating these trade show trends.

Give Attendees a Place to Sit

A table and chairs of a trade show exhibit

Many convention centers have huge amounts of floor space able to accommodate hundreds of trade show exhibits. Attendees spending all day going from booth to booth will be glad for a place to sit down and rest. Provide comfortable couches to get attendees to stop for an extended period at your booth. Be sure to provide reading material, interactive displays, or some other product information to capitalize on the resting audience.

Embrace Technology

Tech has been vital to trade show exhibits for some time now, and it’s not going away any time soon. Explore immersive brand messaging with LED displays, interactive touch-screen solutions, and even digital wristbands that track booth check-ins. All are part of the new standard; smart businesses know to adapt and incorporate high-tech or get left in the dust.

Provide Charging Stations

Another great way to ensure attendees stick around for a while is to give them something everyone needs. A station for people to charge their devices will ensure that convention-goers stay longer. Train brand ambassadors to utilize this time to engage with potential customers.

Keep It Open and Light

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their trade show exhibits is buying into the idea that more is always better. Overloading a booth with walls, displays, screens, and graphics makes it hard to navigate and potentially uninviting. Go with a minimalist design that emphasizes a single message, graphic, or concept and allows for an easy flow of foot traffic.

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How to Impress With a Limited Trade Show Budget

Trade shows are a great way to touch base with existing clients, make connections with future clients, and establish brand recognition. However, they can also be expensive. Between airfare, hotel rooms, exhibitor fees, and a number of other necessary items, the costs can add up. Trade shows are still worth the effort, but lowering expenses is a smart strategy to get more bang for every buck. Trade show exhibit rentals, digital marketing, and creative giveaways are excellent tactics to make a significant impact on a small budget.

Concentrate on Social Media and Digital Marketing

A lightbulb made of 100 dollar bills

A business that isn’t utilizing social media and digital marketing, in general, is doing themselves a huge disservice. This is especially true for conventions and trade shows. Every show will have dedicated social media channels and often will echo exhibitors’ content for free. Also, businesses can look up other attendees and try creative cross-promotion with participating companies.

Rent, Don’t Buy

Unless a business is going to a lot of trade shows, owning a display is not cost-effective. Not only does a company have to pay for the display, but they have to pay for transportation and storage when it’s not in use. Rentals also allow a business to scale up or down depending on their needs and budget for each event. Read more about the benefits of trade show exhibit rentals here.

Cut Back on Freebies

One of the most significant costs is branded swag like pens, cups, tote bags, and other items that exhibitors give away. These are a dime a dozen at trade shows, meaning they often aren’t valued enough to make an impact. It’s better to give a smaller number of more valuable items to attendees who are truly promising leads. If there are pens, cups, and other small swag items a business still insists on passing out, then keep them out of sight and only hand them out to inquiring visitors that are possibly interested in the business’ services. Not handing out those freebies to every passerby will cut costs!

Don’t let a limited budget stop you from getting the most out of a trade show. CX Exhibits provides trade show exhibit rentals and exhibit services that can make your next exhibit eye-catching without costing you a fortune. We have fully customizable trade show essentials in America’s top convention locations. Call us today at 504-464-4070 for a free quote.

Following up on Leads After a Trade Show

With the right combination of charisma, enthusiasm, and eye-catching trade show exhibit rentals, a business representative can turn a trade show or conference into a goldmine of new connections. However, even the hottest leads aren’t worth much if they don’t translate into actual business. Connecting with potential clients at a trade show is only the first step. Try these tips for following up on leads after a trade show.

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

A person working on their laptop

A prompt response to trade show leads is critical to capitalizing on the hard work of the promotional team. Rather than sending out a generic email blast, be sure to include, at the very least, the name and place of the trade show in the subject line and first paragraph. Don’t end the message with a vague call to action but with a straightforward description of how the lead can engage with the company. Try including a link to a demo video, a white paper, or some other specific next step for your lead to take.

Remember That Not All Leads Are Created Equal

This method may take a little more training for the booth staff, but understanding how different leads should be categorized will save time and energy on the follow-up. The hottest leads should be handed directly to the sales team while lukewarm and cold leads should be turned over to marketing for further development and nurturing. A more sophisticated approach could even differentiate leads by region, business type, and even business size.

Place a Visual Reminder in Follow-up Communication

Most trade shows have hundreds of booths. Attendees may talk to dozens of exhibitors, and when all is said and done, it can be hard to recall specifics of a single interaction. Use a photo of the most memorable trade show exhibit rentals and graphics to provide an easy visual reminder in the email.

CX Exhibits provides cutting-edge, technologically sophisticated trade show exhibit rentals in major convention cities throughout the United States. With a wide range of exhibit designs that can cater to your businesses needs and budgets, as well as complimentary transportation, installation, and dismantling, CX Exhibits is the obvious choice for your next trade show. Call us at 504-464-4070 or fill out our online form today for a free quote.

Using Color to Improve Your Trade Show Exhibit Booth Design

When attending a trade show, it’s important for companies to make their booth stand out amongst the hundreds of other attendees. Aside from branding the booth with the company’s logo, color can be used to communicate a message and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the trade show exhibit booth.

Use Colors That Make Sense

A mockup of a green exhibit booth for a trade show

It’s important to use colors that make sense for each company and communicate its message. A “green” or eco-friendly company might choose a green and yellow color scheme. It wouldn’t make sense for them to use pink or purple shades, but those colors might work for a cosmetics company. Tech companies often combine silver with other bright colors, because silver sends the message that they are modern and sophisticated.Companies should pick colors that clearly communicate who they are and what they do.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

Most companies display their brand name or logo prominently on the outside of their trade show exhibit booth, so the rest of the setup could play off the colors in the logo. If the logo is blue and green, then those colors can be used on the stand, on banners and other printed materials, on booth accessories, and elsewhere on the booth. To avoid overusing one or two colors, companies might consider using additional hues that compliment the colors of the logo. It’s always best to avoid color schemes used by competitors to prevent being mistaken for another company.

Tying It All Together

The color scheme doesn’t have to end with the look of the trade show exhibit booth itself! Color can be used to extend the theme to the booth staff and promotional giveaway items as well. The team manning the booth should all wear shirts in the same color scheme as the booth’s graphics. This way, whether they’re inside the booth or working the floor, it’ll be easy for other attendees to tell which company they represent. Giveaway items such as pens, mints, lip balms, keychains, and other swag can be printed in the same color scheme, as long as the color makes sense for the item.

If you’re looking for a way to tie your brand’s image together with innovative, colorful exhibits for your next trade show, then contact CX Exhibits today at 504-464-4070 for a free quote!

What’s In Your Swag Bag?

Trade shows are a great way for companies to generate leads and connect with potential clients, but it’s important to stand out from the competition. One way companies can do that is by giving away promotional items at their trade show exhibit booth, and the key is to use the right swag to ensure that attendees remember the company brand long after leaving the exhibit hall.

Communicating a Message

An arm holding out a swag bag to give out at trade shows

It’s important to give away items that communicate the brand’s message. While it may seem obvious, companies sometimes overlook putting their brand name or logo on the item! Next, it can be helpful to give out items that relate to the specific type of trade show, such as a mousepad at a tech-oriented trade show. Finally, companies should choose practical items that are useful, to receive the most bang for their marketing buck.

Cutting Costs

Expensive items attract attention, but won’t necessarily generate viable leads. Companies giving away headphones, for example, will see traffic at their trade show exhibit booth, but that doesn’t mean that every person that walks up should be given headphones. Instead, items should be given out only to serious leads, like those who watch a video presentation. Additionally, look for ways to cut costs on shipping items to an out-of-town trade show exhibit hall.
Practical Giveaway Items

Unique but useful items will make a brand stand out. Reusable tote bags can be used by attendees on the spot, keeping the company’s logo in front of everyone’s eyes at the show. Lightweight smartphone wallets hold phones, credit cards, and driver’s licenses and are convenient for travelers who need to minimize what they’re carrying. Lip balm is another practical, inexpensive item that will get regular use. Companies willing to invest a little more into swag might check out customized USB phone chargers, which attendees will use on the spot and long after the show, keeping the company’s brand at the forefront of their minds. Finally, giving away digital downloads or eBooks allows the company to collect the email addresses of attendees and personally follow up with them when sending the digital item after the show.

For more information on preparing for your trade show exhibit, contact CX Exhibits today at 504-464-4070 for a free quote. Our team can make sure you’re ready to connect with potential clients, no matter what you choose to give them.

Choosing the Right Size Trade Show Booth for Your Business

Trade shows are an excellent way for companies to get their name and products out there, but using the wrong size or type of exhibit booth may draw the wrong kind of attention. Before moving forward with a trade show exhibit rental, businesses should know what kind of booth to use for the most significant impact.

Booth Sizes and Designs

A show booth created by CX Exhibits in New Orleans, LA

First, it’s important to know what booth sizes and designs are available. Most trade show exhibit rental companies, including CX Exhibits, offer exhibit booths in sizes of 20’ x 20’, 10’ x 20’, and 10’ x 10’.

CX Exhibits offers several different shapes of booths available in various sizes:

  • Inline: Measuring 10′ x 10′ or 10’ by 20’, enclosed on each side except the front.
  • Island: A20’ x 20’ or larger, with open aisle space on all sides.
  • Double Decker: Makes the most of vertical space to enhance the company’s presence.

Many venues have height and spatial restrictions, so trade show exhibit rental companies will ensure the booth adheres to all guidelines.

Which Size Is Best?

When renting a booth, CX Exhibits will assist in deciding which size and style to pick depending on the show type. First, it’s important to research prices for spaces. A 10’ x 10’ space may be pricey at one venue, but a 20’ x 20’ space could be more affordable at another. Understanding the layout of the venue and where the competition will be set up is also important; companies who want to stand out may choose a larger exhibit near the front, where traffic is heaviest. Plus, no one wants to be next to a competitor with a booth twice the size of their own! Companies should be realistic about how much space their business needs. Going bigger isn’t always better, especially for a small company with only one employee working the booth. Businesses with multiple employees working the trade show should select a more spacious booth.

Ready to make an impression at your next trade show? Contact CX Exhibits at 504-464-4070 or fill out the contact form for a free quote on your booth!

The Benefits of Renting a Trade Show Booth Over Buying

While some companies think that purchasing a booth for trade show exhibits is a smart investment, it can cost more in the long run than renting. There are downsides to purchasing a booth that many companies don’t think about until they’ve already signed the check, making trade show exhibit rental the way to go for companies who want a professional, stand-out booth at every show.

Help Every Step of the Way

Road signs with arrows pointing towards the words 'buy' and 'rent'

Working with a booth rental company like CX Exhibits means that businesses will have guidance through every step of the trade show process, from visualizing the initial concept to storing the booth after the show. Companies who purchase their booths have to do everything themselves, including designing and printing banners and promotional materials, shipping the setup to the venue, installing it, manning the booth, shipping the booth back to storage, and much more. Utilizing a company like CX Exhibits takes care of the hard work, so management simply shows up to work the booth, and everything else is taken care of.

Complete Customization

Companies who use a trade show exhibit rental instead of purchasing their booths have complete freedom with their design. A rental company allows businesses to choose a distinct booth layout every time, instead of buying one and having to stick with the same size and setup at every event. Rental booths can be customized to fit the particular event or venue. Plus, when renting, nothing ever looks old, outdated, or inappropriate for the event. A trade show exhibit rental is perfect for up-and-coming businesses who foresee future growth, possible brand or logo changes, or any other alterations.

Cost Effectiveness

Sometimes, companies think they’ll pay more to rent a different booth for every show, but this is far from the truth! One price is paid to the trade show exhibit rental company for the rental, and it includes transport, setup, maintenance, and tear down. Companies who own their booths have to pay for each of these items separately for every single show which adds up quickly. The cost doesn’t even include any costs for modifying the booth or design elements between shows! It’s no wonder why renting is three times less expensive than buying a booth.

To learn more about the advantages of renting over purchasing, and for a free quote on your booth, contact CX Exhibits at 504-464-4070!

How to Find & Work With the Right Brand Promoters

How can brand promoters help with trade show success? Learn more about where to find brand promoters and how to work with them for maximum benefits.

Create Partnerships

Business people shaking hands at a trade show in Kenner, LA

A partnership is a win-win for both sides. Each party contributes something valuable to the relationship, and a loyal community can be far more valuable than a celebrity endorsement. The best way to create a loyal following, and thus create valuable partnerships, is by reaching the individuals who already show interest in a product, service, company, or brand you’re associated with. Approach them as a supporter and friend, and find a way to help with their goals. By helping them, you’ll be helping yourself, too.

Where to Find Promoters

Well-designed trade show exhibit rentals may draw the people who already support a specific brand or product. Social media has plenty of examples of regular people with large followings who champion specific brands. They can be students, parents, or anyone with a strong social media presence with viewers and followers who trust their opinion. The “buzz” that they can help create about your company can have a large impact on your business. Reach out and contact trade show leads, industry social media experts, and even members of LinkedIn and Facebook circles to find brand promoters.

How to Work With Them

First, find out what these individuals need. Would they like a product sample to review on their channel? Would they like to write a blog post giving their audiences a sneak peek at an upcoming product or service? Whatever insider information you can provide to them will, in turn, spread your company’s reach and make them important brand ambassadors for you.

Attract potential ambassadors by drawing them into your trade show exhibit rental display at the next trade show. Run contests and giveaways, hand out samples, and take names and emails. Afterwards, look up these individuals to discover who has an online presence and a healthy following. Approach them with mutually beneficial partnership ideas to start building a healthy business relationship.

At CX Exhibits, we specialize in innovative, attractive trade show exhibit rentals and can help you create outstanding exhibits that draw potential brand ambassadors. Contact us today for a free quote and additional trade show tips.

Choose the Right Trade Show for Your Business Goals

A trade show can be an essential venue for getting a message out to potential clients and customers. However, not all shows are created equally. Some very popular shows may not be the right place to promote one’s business. On the other hand, some lesser known venues may draw the right audiences if your particular service or product is smaller in scale. When selecting a venue, keep the following in mind.

Start With Attainable Goals

A trade show display provided by CX Exhibits in Kenner, LA

In addition to getting the best trade show exhibit rentals to create appeal and draw a crowd, what are the specific goals of your exhibit? These may include getting quality leads, generating publicity, converting leads to customers, and making sales. Know goals before booking a show, and estimate your return on investment (ROI) to make sure marketing dollars are being used wisely.

Match the Show With the Business

Who regularly attends the show that you’re considering? Do the right purchasers, influencers, and buyers attend? Are they in a position to make decisions about products and services, or at least, share information with key decision makers in their organizations? Answers to these questions will help determine whether or not a specific trade show is worth participating in.

Understand the Audience

People who attend a trade show are looking for solutions. They want to find the products and services that will make life easier, increase profit margins, or improve day-to-day business operations in some way. How can you simplify life and maximize profits for the show attendees? Answering this question before even setting foot in the venue will help cater to those in attendance.

Invest in Quality Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Once a decision has been made regarding which shows to attend, it’s important to make a strong statement. Find a company that’s experienced in designing attractive, eye-catching displays to help with image and presence. In any trade show, people are looking for solutions, but they also want an enjoyable experience. They’re drawn to certain designs, colors, and lighting styles. Reach out to CX Exhibits to get custom trade show exhibit rentals that can help you make a powerful impression. We work with clients across the U.S. to help them increase their chances of generating more leads and making more sales. Call 504-464-4070 or request more information today.

Three Elements of a Winning Trade Show Exhibit

Exhibiting at a trade show, convention, or other high-profile event is an incredible marketing opportunity, but only when the exhibit is done right. Learn what it takes to draw people in and maximize the chances of finding new customers.

1. Create AppealA professional looking trade show exhibit made by CX Exhibits

Trade show exhibits that are pleasing to the eye with inviting colors, images, and design elements create appeal. People are more likely to stop by your booth and learn more if they like what they see. A polished look combined with friendly people produces a welcoming effect. Details like professional lighting, color-coordinated furniture, and digital monitors all help create a refined, cohesive design. View the CX Exhibits online gallery for more ideas.

2. Find a Way to Interact

A great way to draw in attendees and keep them close is to include a fun, interactive element. Incorporate an activity, such as a game of trivia, a scavenger hunt, or a video game, to generate excitement. Give away prizes, ideally with the company name and contact information included. In addition to awarding a few large prizes, make sure everyone who stops by gets an inexpensive but fun promotional item to take home.

3. Include an Engaging Demo

Make the most of your trade show exhibit by educating consumers about the product or service being offered through a demo. Interactive touchscreens can be used, offering fun quizzes and engaging video content. Have someone with a friendly, outgoing personality demo the product. If a service is being offered, provide a strategic sample to show the benefits of this service.

When done correctly, trade show exhibits can generate excitement for the product or service offered and bring in new business. To ensure a smooth and successful trade show experience, turn to exhibit professionals you can trust. A reputable exhibit company can help with everything from creating winning designs to setting up a customized booth at the event. Request a free quote today!