Creative Booth Design Ideas for Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows offer businesses a number of opportunities to expand their brand, generate sales, and attract new clients and partners. One great way to make a strong first impression at a trade show is to have a unique, head-turning booth. Here are a few design ideas and tips that can help trade show booths stand out among the rest.

Optimize Two-Dimensional Booth Displays

A trade show set up for V Factor

Two-dimensional displays such as graphics, posters, and banners should convey as much information about the business as possible without being too busy or confusing. This can be accomplished by keeping taglines to six words or fewer, limiting the overall color palette used, and leaving a healthy amount of blank space—not revealing too much about products and services will increase interest and curiosity. Additionally, placing scannable QR codes on graphics is a great way to direct traffic to the company’s website.

Create an Inviting Physical Space

Trade shows see a lot of foot traffic, and booth designs that are physically inviting and comfortable are more likely to attract potential clients who walk by. Booths should be kept spacious and free of clutter, including unnecessary furniture. Freestanding displays with interactive elements can both attract guests and guide them through the booth space. A great way to attract and retain visitors is to offer much-needed conveniences, such as free WiFi or smartphone charging ports. It’s also a good idea to have a semi-private area set aside for meeting one-on-one with new contacts.

At CX Exhibits, we know how important it is that your business makes a strong impression at each and every trade show. That’s why we offer professional, effective exhibit rentals and designs, as well as support and guidance every step of the way. Explore our online gallery to view some of our past exhibits, and call us today at 504-464-4070 for a free quote.

Trade Shows, Conferences, and Conventions: What’s the Difference?

“Convention” or “conference”? “Trade show” or “convention”? It’s easy to mix up these terms; all refer to large gatherings of people with common interests. But the three are different in purpose, content, and vibe. This guide illuminates the distinction.

What is a Convention?

several people walking up and down a large staircase

At a convention, people gather to engage in a common interest in a laid back atmosphere. The most popular example is Comic-Con, a massive assembly of comic fans who get together to share their appreciation for franchises like Star Wars, Marvel or, DC Comics. Anyone can attend a convention, which is less formal than a trade show or conference. Depending on the nature of the convention, you might even find people in costume. Vendors with products that align with the interests of the attendees often have success in landing new customers, especially if people attend the convention intending to expand collections of something like cars, tattoos, or art.

What Is a Conference?

Conferences are formal gatherings in which people convene to discuss a particular business topic. Generally, there’s nothing for sale at a conference. Instead, professionals meet to explore new ideas or solve problems relevant to their entire industry. For example, at a social media conference, a topic might be “Creating Foolproof Content Marketing That Customers Love.” Often, thought leaders and visionaries in the industry will give talks designed to enlighten attendees about new best practices or inspire them to think in new ways about how to address challenges.

What Is a Trade Show?

Open only to company representatives and members of the press, trade shows offer businesses a chance to demonstrate their products and services in a live setting. As most attendees are either influencers or decision makers, trade shows bring businesses in close range of customers who are actively looking to make purchases. Trade shows allow companies to forego the guesswork and cold calling often involved in landing new customers. It often costs far less to generate and convert leads at a trade show than it does through remote contact.

If you’re planning to attend a trade show, get in touch with CX Exhibits today. We’ll make sure your booth looks professional, attractive, and engaging. Call us at 504-464-4070 for a free quote.

Four Social Media Tips for Optimizing Your Trade Show Exhibit

Over the past decade, businesses have learned the power of social media for advertising, interacting, and connecting with customers. When it comes to trade shows, experienced social media pros know to take advantage of online interactions before, during, and after a show to leave a lasting impression on attendees. These easy tips will help any company optimize its exhibit for social media.

Post Early and Often

An apple iphone sitting next to a silver computer

There’s never enough time on trade show day to speak with every exhibitor. Social media helps eliminate this pain point by offering the chance to interact in advance. Hashtags are used to create buzz on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook; using them to contribute to the conversation long before trade show day can increase brand recognition and the chances of making meaningful connections.

Embrace Authenticity

No one joins social media for the ads; it’s all about connection. Personal, engaging content is most powerful. Content featuring—and created by—a company’s exhibitors puts familiar, approachable faces in front of attendees. Take it to the next level by encouraging exhibitors to post their own content during the show to highlight their unique experience at the trade show booth.

Know Where to Go

Facebook may still be the world’s leading social media platform, but it isn’t the only one. In fact, other platforms may even be more effective for social engagement, depending on the product, service, or industry. When it comes to trade shows, most buzz takes place on Twitter using event-specific hashtags; discussions often continue afterward on LinkedIn. Do some research and figure out where the most relevant industry conversations are happening.

Put Yourself Out There

In 2019 it should be mandatory to include social media accounts on marketing materials like business cards and brochures. But there are tons of other creative ways to promote your company’s social media accounts at trade shows, including:

  • Contests encouraging online engagement
  • Scannable QR codes directing prospects directly to each account
  • Promodeck flooring customized with a brand’s contact details

There are endless ways to promote your social media accounts, and CX Exhibits can help you integrate them into attention-grabbing trade show booth designs customized to fit your marketing strategy. And when you rent an exhibit booth with us, we’ll provide both installation and dismantling services so your team can focus on making those meaningful connections. Call CX Exhibits today at (504) 464-4070 for a free quote.

How to Find Your Target Demographic at Trade Shows Using Buyer Personas

Trade shows offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a broad base of potential customers. Attendees are self-selecting future clients that are already interested in a given industry. An eye-catching display is a great way to bring customers in, but how does a business know what customers are attracted to? Before developing the booth, understanding the trade show demographic and a company’s buyer personas will help tailor the display to maximize its effect.

Defining a Buyer Persona

business women talking in front of coworkers

A buyer persona is essentially an idealized, collective version of a typical customer. The better a business understands the wants, needs, tastes, and tendencies of this “average” customer, the better they will be able to market to them. A good buyer persona breaks down a customer’s age range, gender (if applicable), job title, and education level. It should also include buying patterns and pain points, that is, the specific problems a business can solve for the customer.

Understanding Current Customers

The best guide to understanding future customers is focusing on current customers. A business should take the time to find out what attracted existing customers to their products or services, such as pricing, pain points met, and brand messaging. Once a business pinpoints these, they can create various buyer personas that reflect who they want to market to and what features they want to market to them.

The point of buyer personas is to understand what turns leads into customers, and existing customers are the best source of information on why people make that transition.

Reaching Buyer Personas at a Trade Show

Once multiple buyer personas are finalized, they should be used to decipher which trade shows the business should attend and its booth design. Would customers be more likely to attend a trade show in a rural or urban area? Would they be attracted to an interactive, hands-on display? Do they rely on visuals and graphics? Will they want to strike up small talk with the booth staff, or would they prefer cut and dry information about the product? Buyer personas should influence all aspects of trade show preparation and execution since these are the ideal customers a business is trying to reach.

Whatever your company’s trade show goals are, CX Exhibits can help you meet and exceed them. We are here to provide you with the exhibition resources you need for a trade show display that perfectly matches your trade show demographic. From concept to reality, our team will work with you to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Call us at (504) 464-4070 today for a free quote.

Making the Most of Medical Industry Trade Shows

Exhibitors and attendees at medical trade shows have shifted their focus in recent years. A look at display trends reveals how successful booths are breaking through the current clutter and holding attendees’ attention with novel designs and strategies.

Clean Cut Designs With Interactive Displays

Medical professional working on a tablet

“Clean” is the byword for new trends in medical trade show booth style and layout. Today’s stand-out displays invite attendees into open, uncluttered spaces defined by sparse, straight lines. Decor features cool tones and wooden accents against soft white backgrounds with large, crisp, backlit graphics. At the same time, healthcare booths are increasingly less formal and have more interactive environments that tailor their appeal to particular audiences. Once interest is captivated, attendees can then explore the technology behind the booth’s product and message.

Exhibits are now less about presenting innovation and more about allowing attendees to experience it directly through interactive touchscreen tours and virtual or actual demo stations. Tech-savvy booths are also saving money and maximizing ad space by using customizable, changing electronic video frames rather than static graphics to communicate information visually.

Consistent Brand Design

Trade show exhibitors should see the booth experience as an extension of the brand. It’s important that the space present an image consistent with its message. Booth design elements like furniture, hardware (e.g., displays, computers), and even incidentals should all compliment the design aesthetic of the medical device, the brand, and the booth.

Different Messages Tailored to Specific Audiences

Some participants at medical trade shows want to communicate distinct selling points to different crowds. To minimize booth clutter and avoid message convergence, many of these companies divide their footprint—that is, they present two booths in different areas of the same show floor. Each display focuses on a single message to particular audiences, ensuring that the company consistently communicates both ideas at the event.

Keeping up with the latest display trends can be costly, and equipment can quickly become obsolete. Renting trade show display equipment from an experienced trade show rental consultant allows companies to easily customize their booths without the burdens of storage, maintenance, or replacement. To secure reliable, spectacular trade show rentals for your next medical trade show in any major convention city, call the experts at CX Exhibits at (504) 464-4070.

Tips for Navigating Trade Show Season

Over the course of their careers, most professionals will be asked to attend or present at several industry conferences. Conferences and trade shows are great opportunities to network, learn about other businesses, and gain new perspectives; but they can also be stressful. Here are a few tips for successfully navigating the trade show season.

Focusing on a Consistent Message

People talking at a booth at a business convention

Presenters who are using an exhibit at a trade show have to develop a key takeaway or unique selling point that people will remember. Everyone at a conference is looking to promote their business’s products and services, so it can be hard to stand out. Sticking to a product’s strengths and being direct about how it benefits potential clients can go a long way.

Making a Strong Impression

A well-designed trade show exhibit does the heavy lifting, but there are still other steps presenters can take to impress potential clients. With so many other exhibits and presenters at every conference, it’s critical to find a way to stand out as a memorable face in the crowd. Dressing interestingly (but on-brand), handing out unique gifts, or finding unusual ways to approach people as they pass by can make a big difference.

Socializing, but Not Too Much

Conferences and trade shows are great opportunities to mingle with other industry professionals, make connections, and gain new perspectives. While socializing at events comes with numerous perks, it’s important to know where to draw the line. Staying out too late and overindulging may mean performing poorly when it’s time to present or waking up too late to make it to important sessions.

The team at CX Exhibits wants you to have the best, most productive trade show, conference, or convention possible. If you’re attending numerous events in different cities, trying to transport an exhibit is going to be counter-productive. Renting one instead will save time and money. There are several other benefits of renting a trade show booth. CX Exhibits can accommodate rentals across the country and will be with you throughout the rental process to ensure that you have the best possible experience. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today for a free consultation by filling out our online form or calling (504) 464-4070.

How to Create Stunning Displays for Trade Shows in the Food and Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage (F&B) trade shows are fantastic opportunities for caterers, specialty food purveyors, restaurateurs, and industry suppliers to showcase their brands. However, like other trade shows, F&B events attract lots of competition and appeal to an array of audiences. The key to success at these conferences is the presentation of one’s display. To stand out from the crowd, each presenter needs to create an exhibit that draws the attention of attendees. These tips form a useful guide for success with F&B trade show displays.

Set Clear Objectives

People at a booth at a trade show

Whether a business’ goal is visibility, building clientele, or introducing a new concept, that should be the focus of its booth. Everything—from colors to flavors, plates to pairings—should support the exhibitor’s objectives rather than just being “tasty” or “pretty.”

Research the Venue, Event, and Attendees

Knowing to whom and where an exhibit will be presented is just as important as creating a unique display. Winning F&B booths fit harmoniously and invitingly into the allocated space, instead of appearing crammed or out of place.

Successful exhibitors explore the details of an event’s demographics and communicate with event organizers to get an accurate headcount to ensure that they bring an appropriate amount of food. Researching audience data also allows exhibitors to anticipate their needs and expectations (e.g., cultural themes, physical challenges, allergies) before the event begins.

Refresh Regularly, Clean Constantly

Even beautiful food will go uneaten if it’s in an unsanitary or unappealing environment. Plates and silverware must be clean, and displays should be kept clear of half-eaten food at all times. Décor elements like flowers, dessert trays, and napkins can add attractive color accents to the booth; these should be kept refreshed and stocked throughout the event. An F&B presentation should be welcoming to every attendee, regardless of when they visit the booth.

Partnering with a reliable consultant like CX Exhibits to rent stunning trade show exhibits reduces the cost and headaches of participating in Food & Beverage conferences. Throughout the trade show process, we can handle all of your display needs to let you concentrate on your craft. Contact us online or call (504) 464-4070 today for a free consultation.

Boost Your B2B Event Marketing Strategy With These Tips

For hosts and participants at B2B events, the ROI on collateral expenses (e.g., exhibit rentals, fees, giveaways, overtime) matters to the bottom line. How can organizations maximize the benefits they reap from trade shows? By boosting their B2B event marketing strategies, both hosts and participants can get more holistic value from the experience.

Pre-plan For Success

A variety of different data graphs

It pays to be prepared, as the old saying goes. Organizations should know in advance exactly what they want to gain from event participation, and how to gain visibility with trade show exhibit rentals that stand out from the crowd. A well-informed B2B event marketing strategy can turn the hard work of a dedicated team into sustained multilevel development beyond the show itself, and benefit the company as a whole.

Identify Measurable Goals

Well before the event’s start date, companies should identify the specific, measurable goals they want to achieve, and ensure that all team members are in sync with those objectives. B2B companies usually aim to generate quality top-of-the-funnel leads at trade shows, and companies with clear, prioritized targets in sight can better focus their efforts on reaching them.

Leverage In-house Strengths

Tapping the expertise of staff members for event planning, as opposed to outsourcing those tasks, is a wise long-term event strategy. It involves the “everyday” company in the nuts and bolts of growth initiatives and allows for potentially hidden talents to emerge. Incentivized staff involvement cannot only boost event value and lower production costs, but they can also positively impact corporate culture and deepen team commitment.

Leveraging company creatives to design promotional giveaways, for example, helps maintain a consistent brand voice. Staffing the booth with in-house representatives that focus on event networking connects prospects directly with company contacts. That connection can facilitate the critical follow-up process that can turn leads into business.

Look Sharp

Visibility at trade shows is key to building stronger B2B relationships and promoting brand presence among industry peers. Smart trade show exhibit rentals can exponentially boost any event marketing strategy. Companies can test out display sizes and formats before the show to determine what best matches their budgets and goals. Moreover, renting eliminates additional costs for setup, breakdown, storage, and repair. Event teams can then redirect resources to upgrade graphics or enlarge the booth footprint as objectives change over time.

Whether B2B or B2C, CX Exhibits can help boost your event strategy with expert advice and reliable rentals for trade shows in any major convention destination. Contact us today at (504) 464-4070 for a free consultation.

How to Hire an Outside Contractor to Fill the Booth Staffing Gap

Trade shows are a great way for businesses to interact with potential clients and fellow industry members face-to-face. They allow a company to get their brand out there while measuring itself against the competition. To make the most of the event, participants need an eye-catching exhibit and talented brand ambassadors to work the booth, draw attendees in from the floor, and make connections that will help the business. However, smaller businesses often don’t have the internal staff to meet these personnel demands and need help filling the booth-staffing gap with outside contractors.

Where to Find Staffers

A woman in professional business attire

Depending on how many representatives a business needs and/or how specialized the personnel must be, the easiest option may be to go with a talent agency. Most trade shows will list an official agency available to vendors. The official agency is usually not the cheapest option, so shop around and get quotes from a few agencies. Be sure to provide as much detail up front as possible about the type of staff needed. Does the trade show exhibit feature hi-tech equipment or require specific knowledge? Is the business going for a particular look? Answering these questions early will give the agency time to find the perfect personnel for any business’ needs.

Training and Preparation

It’s important for a business to make clear exactly what they expect of the people representing its brand. Ask a staffing contractor what kind of “boothmanship” training they provide (and check out these tips for more information on what should be covered in that training). Any contractor should be willing to let a business talk to their personnel directly to both get a feel for the people working the booth and to give any specific instructions about proper attire, attitude, and certain things to emphasize.

Every trade show brings opportunities. CX Exhibits is here to put your business in the best position to seize those opportunities. Our trade show exhibit rental services provide turnkey solutions that enable you to stand out from the crowd, make an impression on current and future clients, and come away with great connections and leads. We are available in all major convention cities in the U.S. Contact us today at (504) 464-4070 for a free consultation.

First Time As a Trade Show Exhibitor? Follow These Tips

Many exhibitors see their first trade show as a “practice run.” In reality, there’s no reason why a first trade show can’t be just as successful as a fiftieth! To make the most of every trade show get started with these simple tips.

Set Clear Goals

A person making a checklist in a notebook

It’s impossible to consider a trade show successful without first setting clear parameters for success. Before planning begins, determine what goals are the top priority. Is the aim to launch a new product or to expand the reach of an existing product? Is there a desire to create a new customer base, or perhaps to get feedback from previous customers? Write these goals down and, when possible, keep them within the SMART Goals parameters: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Register Early and Create a Schedule

Many exhibition spaces offer lower prices for those who register early, which could allow for bigger budgets in other areas. However, this isn’t the only benefit of registering for a trade show early. Early registration creates more time for planning things such as booth designs and staffing the show, and it can even provide time to arrange sponsorships. It also allows exhibitors to create a detailed schedule of benchmarks leading up to the exhibit.

Create a Budget

A successful trade show is one that creates additional exposure, interest, and engagement for a product or service—and eventually leads to more profit. But profit becomes more difficult when the trade show itself drains significant funds! Dodge this problem by creating a strict budget and providing ample time to research the most affordable options for exhibits, including booth rentals and sponsorships.

Use Giveaways to Remain Memorable

The success of a trade show isn’t measured only by the day itself, but by the long-term results. Use the money saved in previous steps to fund simple giveaways such as branded pens, bags, stress balls, or even snacks. This way, whenever attendees use the giveaway, they will be reminded of the services or products displayed at the trade show. Remember to include a booth number in pamphlets or other paper giveaways so that attendees can easily locate a booth or provide its location to their peers.

When it comes to the success of a trade show, organization, planning, and the right materials are key. If you’re interested in affordable and custom-made trade show booth rentals to save money for other materials, contact CX Exhibits at (504) 464-4070 today for a free quote!