Tips to Go Green at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows present attendees with excellent networking opportunities as well as a chance to check out what others in the field are contributing to the market. Because of the need to grab convention attention, many companies or organizations go all-out on their booths and promotional materials. Despite how it may seem, it is possible to do this in an environmentally friendly way. Consider the following when planning a sustainable trade show.

Find an Eco-friendly Booth

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Building materials that can be recycled or reused are the first consideration for creating a “green” booth. Ask about having a reusable exhibit rental. Also, consider the lighting and how it could be modified to use less energy.

Give Reusable or Digital Promos

Any convention attendee can attest that by the end of the day, they have bags worth of info and swag. How can a company stand out amidst it all without creating waste? Consider reusable giveaways like mugs and travel bags, which attendees can enjoy more than once. Promos made of recycled materials also help reduce waste. Alternatively, instead of trinkets or promos, offer digital coupons or other relevant digital promotional giveaway.

Travel Light

One environmental cost of conventions is the carbon emissions caused by traveling and shipping. Prioritize using local suppliers for giveaways and try to find direct flights to the convention city. Attendees can also carpool from the hotel to the convention center rather than taking separate cabs to reduce their impact.

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How to Estimate Your Budget for Trade Shows

Trade show exhibits offer various benefits for businesses. They are great for face-to-face meetings, networking, lead generation, and promoting products and services. When a company decides to participate in a trade show, there is a lot of planning to do beforehand to ensure that everything runs smoothly. One of the main tasks is to create a budget for the event. A strong budget estimate backed by extensive research and planning can guarantee an optimum return on investment (ROI). For a successful trade show, a business manager has to forecast the company’s spending on the event. Here are some ideas to get started with this task.

Setting Goals and Objectives

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Identifying a company’s goals and objectives for participating in a trade show will help set a realistic budget. These objectives will guide space and setup needs, help allocate necessary resources, and identify promotions required.

Pinpointing Trade Show Expenses

Tracking anticipated expenses before attending a trade exhibit makes it easier to develop a budget estimate. Some of these expected costs include travel expenses, shipping, personnel, giveaways, promotions, trade show displays, and exhibit booth rental.

Breaking Down Trade Show Costs

Itemizing trade show expenses and funding them appropriately boils down to a specific business’s needs. EXHIBITOR Magazine highlights a simple rundown of major trade show budget expenses as a template for success. Here are the top three considerations for the largest portions of a trade show budget:

  • Exhibiting space: 30% of budget
  • Booth staffing and travel: 14% of budget
  • Exhibit design: 17% of budget
  • Other expenses: 39% of budget

Using Budgeting Tools

Simplifying the budgeting process is made easy through multiple online services. These include cloud-based budgeting tools that allow managers to create budgets on the go as well as save and share these ideas with members of their teams.

Planning a realistic trade show budget can be overwhelming, but working with experienced trade show exhibit professionals can help. CX Exhibits offers a full range of trade show solutions for businesses across the major U.S. convention cities. From trade exhibit planning and design to booth rentals, we can do it all for you. Contact us today for a free quote and experience a new way to leverage trade shows for your business.

Why Trade Show Exhibits Need to Entertain Attendees

Trade shows give businesses a chance to highlight their best features. If their booth lacks personality or their representatives aren’t engaging, they’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to find new customers and partnerships. Here are some tips for keeping things fun and attracting attention at conventions.

Try Out Some Games

People at a trade show

No matter how impressive a company’s offerings are, they can still get lost in the shuffle among all of the information that gets thrown around during trade shows. To make a lasting impression, booths should be interactive and memorable. That’s where games come in. If a company’s booth offers some form of competition, prizes, or just talking points, attendees will spread the word. Even if they’re not playing, people will probably stop and watch what’s happening, which can be just as valuable.

Demonstrate the Product

Demonstrations are another way to attract people to a booth by providing them with a deeper understanding of the products. This type of booth display is particularly helpful if a company’s services are hard to explain. Sometimes the best way to teach people is a demonstration. The key is to practice the demonstration extensively so that it goes smoothly. The last thing a company wants is to look like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Hire a Host

Though a company’s employees may be experts in their industry, a professional host knows how to control a room and draw people’s attention. Hiring an experienced entertainer can be a good choice for interacting with trade show attendees. They can be briefed with broad overviews of the company and its goals. Once the host reels in a serious prospect, a more knowledgeable employee can take over the conversation.

At CX Exhibits, we guide our clients through the entire convention experience to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. By offering trade show exhibit rentals, custom designs, and an on-site representative, we can help make your next convention a success. For a free quote on a trade show booth, call us at (504) 464-4070 or contact us online.

The Importance of the Trade Show Follow-Up

Trade shows can be an integral aspect of a company’s marketing plan, as they are great for sales and lead generation, networking, customer engagement, sales conversion, and brand expansion. However, to harness these benefits, companies need to follow up on their leads after the event. The end of the trade show shouldn’t be the end of the communication.

The Benefits of Following Up

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Following up after a trade show can build stronger relationships with leads from the show, offer an opportunity to track the performance of the trade show, and generate a higher return on investment (ROI) by increasing the chances of closing on leads. In addition, the onus to make a sale falls on the company presenting at the trade show, not the attendees. Companies who don’t reach out to their trade show leads at all have to rely on the lead to contact them, which is not a strong sales strategy.

Organizing a Trade Show Follow-up

After planning the trade show exhibit design, staff training, and brand promotion, companies need to plan a campaign to contact their leads. Some important considerations in a trade show follow-up include the following:

  • Organizing data: Work as a team to clean up the data and identify different leads.
  • Designing a follow-up plan: Strategize on how to initiate a conversation with potential leads after the show, whether it’s through email, phone calls, or face-to-face meetings.
  • Sorting leads according to the level of promise: Evaluate the worth of every lead and divide them into categories. Identify cold and warm leads to streamline the follow-up process.
  • Personalizing the follow-up: Use customer insight collected at the booth, including their name, to personalize the follow-up message.
  • Refreshing the leads’ memory: Use photos of the trade show booth in the email to refresh the lead’s memory.
  • Adhering to a follow-up calendar: Avoid overdoing the follow-up communication, as this might turn off promising leads.
  • Tracking the follow-up process for all leads: Input all of the relevant data to track which follow-up practice was most successful.

Time is of the essence when following up on leads after a trade show. Companies should create rapport with leads while the conversation from the trade show is still fresh in their minds.

Contact CX Exhibits for an Eye-Catching Trade Show Exhibit

Before organizing your follow-up campaign, you need to attract leads at the trade show. To leverage the immense potential of trade shows and exhibitions, you need to do it right. CX Exhibits can help your company design the perfect exhibit rental. We service all major American convention cities. Contact us today to make your next trade show a success.

Which Trades Shows Should You Attend? Three Tips to Consider

In today’s crowded marketplace, making personal connections with consumers is more important than ever. Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential clients and partners, but it can be difficult to decide which shows are the best fit for your business. Here are a few things to consider when choosing which trade shows to attend.

Establishing Your Trade Show Goals

A group of people looking at a wall of sticky notes in an office setting

The very first thing you should do when beginning your trade show search is to decide on your goals and priorities. Are you trying to grow your sales and leads, or are you a new company focused on building your reputation? Do you primarily want to network with potential clients and partners, or do you want to get the word out about a new product or service? Having a game plan early is the key to finding the most appropriate trade shows for your goals.

Weighing Your Show Options

Next, you should research the field and compile a list of all the upcoming shows related to your industry. Consider each show’s primary audience, its size, and its location, and then think about which ones are most likely to help you achieve your business’s goals. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, do a little more research about each show, taking a look at its past events to see how many people it draws, what time of year it occurs, and whether renting an exhibit in the show will be within your budget.

Assessing If You Should Attend This Year

When you finally have a few specific shows in mind, find out whether there’s still room for you at this year’s show. You’ll want to consider the amount and locations of booths still available, as well as whether you have enough time to design an exhibit and make travel arrangements. If it looks like this year’s show won’t work out, you’ll at least have plenty of time to prepare for next year’s event.

Whichever trade shows you attend, CX Exhibits can provide the exhibit designs, rentals, and products you’ll need to make a lasting impression. To learn more, contact us today at 504-464-4070.

Getting the Word Out: How to Gain Leads Ahead of an Upcoming Trade Show

Seasoned trade show exhibitors know that having a strong booth design and appealing to passersby are great ways to ensure success at a trade show. However, there are also several pre-show strategies that can help get the word out and generate buzz long before it’s time to hit the floor. Here are a few approaches to consider to help gain leads ahead of an upcoming trade show.

Get the Word Out

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In the months leading up to the show, it’s wise to reach out to any current and prospective clients who may attend. Getting in touch early ensures that everyone knows where to find one another at the show, and meetings and appointments can be scheduled before everyone is booked—this may also save a trip for a future client meeting. For exhibitors with limited resources or time, email and social media campaigns are a quick, easy way to get the word out to clients and prospects.

Put Together a Specific Strategy

While planning ahead for the show, exhibitors can also gather their sales teams and determine the biggest prospects and most important clients that will be present. Once these accounts have been identified, the team can begin to develop specific strategies that will appeal to them, including targeted marketing, unique exhibit elements, or even personalized gifts. Directly contacting these VIP prospects and clients ahead of time to schedule meetings can also be greatly beneficial.

Meet Nearby Exhibitors

Once event staff members have determined where vendors will be located on the trade show floor, meeting nearby exhibitors is a good way to better prepare for the show. Greet booth neighbors well ahead of the show and find out as much as possible about their booth designs, space needs, and whether they’ll have any flashy presentations or loud design elements. The fewer surprises on the day of the trade show, the easier it will be to gain leads and make important connections.

CX Exhibits offers trade show exhibit designs, rentals, products, and more to help businesses prepare for trade shows across the country. To learn more about our products and services, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (504) 464-4070.

Tips for Choosing the Best Exhibit Space on the Trade Show Floor

An important step in planning a successful trade show is securing the best possible exhibit space on the trade show floor. Even the most enticing booths won’t see much foot traffic if they’re inconveniently located or hard to find. Here are a few tips for choosing a great exhibit space.

Start Planning as Early as Possible

Several people walking around a trade show floor

It’s never too early to start searching for and reserving exhibit space, even up to a year in advance of the show date. Shows will have their own policies regarding which exhibitors get which booth spaces, so get in touch with organizers as soon as possible to find out how to reserve an ideal location. If all the good spots are already filled, it may be possible to get on a backup list in case of any cancellations.

Look for Spots Near the Entrance

The best exhibit spots are near the showroom’s entrance, where foot traffic is at its highest. Being right up front gives exhibitors the chance to catch a passerby early in the day—before they’ve seen dozens of other displays. Since these displays are visible to people both entering and exiting the showroom, exhibitors have double the chances of making connections with potential clients and partners.

Scout Out High-Traffic Spots

If there are no available spots near the entrance, the next best locations are in other high-traffic areas. People will eventually grab a bite to eat, drink some coffee, or use the restroom, so setting up a booth near these areas can yield more attention. Busy corners and intersections are also strong places to pick, as are locations near large, flashy booths.

The perfect spot won’t get you far without the right trade show materials. From exhibit rentals and designs to on-site representatives and custom products, our team at CX Exhibits has the tools needed for a successful trade show experience. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (504) 464-4070.

How to Plan Next Year’s Trade Show Today

Trade shows give businesses opportunities to showcase new products and services and to meet with new clients and partners. Planning a trade show exhibit early—even up to a year in advance—gives businesses more time to organize, set specific objectives, and develop a winning strategy. Here are a few tips for planning next year’s trade show today.

Develop Strategies and Goals Early

Yearly planner next to a gold pen

It’s important to start setting specific goals and strategies for the next trade show as early as possible. By starting early, businesses have time to finalize spending budgets, set product sale and lead generation goals, and decide how the show will play a role in the business’s overall marketing program for a specific product or season. If possible, a business can also determine in advance exactly which new products and services should be part of its main message at the upcoming show.

Order Materials and Book an Exhibit Space

As soon as the overall strategy and look of the trade show exhibit has been determined, it’s time to start ordering materials. These include anything from giveaways and promotional items to large displays and exhibit design elements. Those attending should find out when the show will start accepting registration forms and space reservations, as getting in early is the best way to secure the best space.

Don’t Forget Logistical Details

As the date of the trade show approaches, there are a few last-minute logistical arrangements that should be made to ensure a smooth, successful show. Putting together a team as soon as possible ensures that travel arrangements can be made months in advance. Businesses should also establish a day-of timeline to share with all workers and update it accordingly. This can help ensure there are no surprises during set up, the event itself, and break down.

If you’re ready to start planning your next trade show experience, our team at CX Exhibits can help. We offer a full range of trade show services, from booth rentals and designs, to support staff and custom products. To learn more, give us a call today at (504) 464-4070.

How to Stand Out at an Automotive Trade Show

Almost every company that works in the auto industry will participate in a trade show at some point. Beyond displaying cars, parts, tools, and other products, there are several ways businesses can use their exhibits to make a strong impression on potential clients and partners.

Keep It Simple

Audi coupe on display at an Audi show

One way to make a booth at an automotive trade show stand out is keeping it simple. People who are walking by should be able to tell what a company offers just by glancing at its exhibit. A streamlined display with the car or automotive products as the main focus is the best way to let a business’s products speak for themselves.

Add Creative Touches

On the other hand, another way to grab people’s attention is including a few unusual exhibit design elements, but still never so elaborate that they deter from the product. Strange shapes and angles, oversized company logos, or large areas of white space can all help an exhibit stand out. Playing with the traditional look of a trade show booth and trying something different can give potential clients a preview of a business’s creativity.

Make Free Goodies Count

The staff at trade show booths often give away free swag that’s branded with company and product logos. Instead of offering the usual hats, bags, and pens, companies should try upgrading to more industry-specific giveaways. Potential clients at a trade show are more likely to take and actually use branded car tools and accessories, such as emergency kits, air fresheners, and ice scrapers, which will keep a business’s name and products top of mind.

Before your next automotive trade show, get in touch with the team at CX Exhibits for exhibit rentals, designs, and other trade show services. We can support your booth during events at the major convention cities, and one of our representatives will be with you on-site to ensure that everything runs smoothly. To learn more about how we can help you, give us a call at (504) 464-4070.

How to Motivate Staff at a Trade Show Exhibit

For many businesses, trade shows are one of the most efficient ways to gain exposure, meet new clients, and interact with other industry insiders. One of the keys to a productive trade show is a highly motivated staff. Here are a few simple ways to inspire workers.

Keep Employees Comfortable

Trade show staff greeting potential customers

Not getting enough sleep, being hungry, or being uncomfortable can negatively affect even the best worker’s performance. To avoid these issues, managers should prioritize staff members’ comfort during the trade show. Their hotel rooms should be comfortable, and they should have a daily budget for meals and transportation. This will clear up any potential distractions and allow them to focus on their work. Plus, they’ll have extra money if they need to tackle a trade show emergency.

Treat Trade Shows as a Reward

In many ways, trade shows can be something of a working vacation, especially when they take place in cities with lots to do. To motivate staff members, managers should treat trade shows as a reward for employees who have exceeded expectations or are highly experienced. This will make trade shows something to work toward, and the employees who make the cut will be more excited to be there.

Involve Employees in Display Decoration

When employees play an integral role in a project, they’re more likely to be invested in its success. Ask the employees who are attending the trade show for ideas for designing the exhibit. They should be allowed to give input on making booth customizations and adding interactive features.

Establish Goals and Roles Early On

Before going to a trade show, each staff member should know why the company is going. Is it to make sales or build new relationships? Is it simply for exposure? After outlining their goals, businesses should bring the staff members who are best suited to accomplishing them and assign them a specific job. This way, everyone has a role that fits their strengths, and they know what they’re working towards.

A big part of success at trade shows depends on having team members who are comfortable and enthusiastic. It also helps to have an exhibit that stands out. At CX Exhibits, we have years of experience creating customized booth designs. If you need to rent a booth for your next trade show, call us at (504) 464-4070 today.